• How it Works:

    Electromagnetic Locating is the cutting-edge technology used for tracing the locatable utility lines, metallic pipes as well as for clearing drilling locations. Electromagnetic Locators are usually made of two parts- a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is meant to emit a selected frequency. However, the receiver detects these radio frequencies which enables the operator to accurately locate and detect and the pipes, cables and other utility lines. Bullseye Locating delineates the utility with paint and flags to show it locations.

    Why Use Electromagnetic Locating:

    Electromagnetic Locating is considered the most efficient, reliable and groundbreaking technique so far. Electromagnetic Locating is a method we use for locating the utilities buried deep under the ground. These utilities may include the lines for telecommunication, electricity, natural gas, fiber optic, street lights, traffic lights, cable television, water mains, wastewater pipes, and the list goes on. In some location, major gas and oil pipelines, steam, mass transit, national defense communication lines, rail and road tunnels are also traced and marked.

    Why Electromagnetic Locating is an Effective Technique?

    Bullseye Locating uses the best EM locating equipment available. We use various types of locating equipment, which provides us with a wide range of locating frequencies. It allows us to trace, locate and delineate not only easily locatable but also difficult to find utilities. Not to mention, our staff continually acquires training to fine-tune their skill set, so that they can deliver you the only the best.


    Electromagnetic Locating, overall an efficient and accurate detection technology is only limited by the size and type of material of utility. Nonmetallic utilities cannot be traced by using this method of utility locating.