Bullseye Locating is a leading underground utility locating company, where our hard-working staff is committed to delivering the safe, accurate and efficient solutions. Since the commencement, Bullseye Locating has been committed to providing an array of utility locating services by using an innovative and feasible approach for their clients. We are known as a company which utilizes utilizes cutting-edge technology and easy-to-use software. Not to mention the unsurpassed customer service and competitive prices which we promise along with our services.

In the era of cut-throat competition, we have set ourselves apart from our competitors by providing high-quality services at reasonable costs. After years of persistence and prolong efforts, we have achieved an excellent repute in the market. We always focus on maximizing our performance and efficiency as well as, keeping up with the state of the art technology. Other than that, we never compromise on skill enhancement sessions and consider it as one of the most important factors behind our success. Therefore, we organize staff training seminars from time to time where our staff learns about the ever-evolving technology, current practices, and safety measures.


We Service

Bullseye Locating offers a wide range of utility locating services to help homeowners, contractors, and facility owners. From (EM)Electromagnetic Locating to (GPR) Ground Penetrating Radar & Concrete Scanning, we provide you the most accurate and thorough solutions for all your underground utility locating needs. With our quality services and expertise in the field, we assure you 100% satisfaction on the completion of your projects.

Contractor & Excavators

Excavation contractors perform various tasks; they do much more than just digging in the dirt. The process of excavation includes trenching, grading and many different soil-related tasks. The process of excavation requires a comprehensive survey of the site which is the responsibility of the survey crew. Following are the levels that are involved in the process of excavation.

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Property & Home Owners

If you are a homeowner and looking for a reliable utility locating service, then you can count on Bullseye Underground Utility Locating Service. Bullseye is an industry leader who adheres to the guidelines that have been set by your local One Call or 811 centers. Dig Safe or Call Before You Dig (CBYD) before starting off any procedure.

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Utility & Facility Owners

Bullseye Locating is the leading underground utility locating company which offers you quality services at a competitive cost. We are the company which is focused on the needs of its customers. We have always endeavored to deliver the advanced, convenient and noninvasive solutions to our clients.

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