• How it Works:

    During line inspection, a professionally trained technician inserts a flexible rod with a high-resolution video camera attached at the tip of the rod into the pipes and sewer lines usually from 2 to 36 inches in diameter. HD camera connected with the flexible rod, travel through the pipe and inspect even around the corners and examine pipe thoroughly without missing a single detail. The real time inspection and video image transmission of sewer lines and pipes not only allows the technician to find out the current situation of the lines but also helps them in the evaluation of any potential problems in future. The HD images obtained with the inspection can be saved for the record.

    Why Use Camera Pipe Inspection:

    Pipe inspection using cameras allows work efficiency and thorough examination of pipelines which are difficult to be inspected using traditional methods. Thanks to the waterproof video cameras, visual inspection of sewer lines and other underground pipelines have become possible. Video camera line inspection allows the technician to accurately inspect and resolve drain line issues. Radio transmitter in the camera records not only depth but also the exact spot where the defect is located. At Bullseye Utility Locating, we do not believe in making presumptions regarding the defects or any other obstructions, but we use state of the art technology for the inspection so that your problems can be resolved quickly and effectively.

    Why Camera Pipe Inspection is an Effective Technique:

    Identifies a Number of Problems: A video camera line inspection is considered the most convenient time-saving technique to identify various problems such as root intrusion. Moreover, it also inspects the pipe that is broken, punctured, off-grade, misaligned and corroded. Not only this but the high definition camera can also help to identify several kinds of other defects such as leaks, grease buildup, and other obstructions. Just to be fully assured, our technicians repeat the camera line inspection procedure after any service to make sure that the lone has been repaired properly. Other than that, Video Camera Line Inspection is also used to locate stuck animals or lost jewelry in the pipelines.

    Recommended for Repeated Line Problems: If you experience line related issues repeatedly, even after getting the job done several times, Camera Pipe Inspection is the technique you should go for. The procedure is also recommended to be done before you buy a new home or any other property. This will help you ensure that the drain lines and any other pipelines are not going to cause you any kind of major inconvenience in the future.


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