• Utility and Facility Owners

    Bullseye Locating is the leading underground utility locating company which offers you quality services at a competitive cost. We are the company which is focused on the needs of its customers. We have always endeavored to deliver the advanced, convenient and noninvasive solutions to our clients. With extensive knowledge in utility locating, we help you scan and excavate with minimal damage at the area of interest. We excel in locating various infrastructures such as electric, gas, water, communication, and sewer. Utilizing our professional expertise and safe practices, we not only scan, locate and excavate but also protect your underground plant. At Bullseye we have established workflow and proper procedure which we follow throughout the project just to make sure that each task is being addressed with due attention. Following are the services that we provide for utility owners:

    • 1. One Call Ticket Management
    • 2. Dig Safe Ticket Screening
    • 3. Damage Investigation
    • 4. Auditing Service
    • 5. Standby Service

    1. One Call Ticket Management:

    Easy Access: At Bullseye Locating, we use Dig Track to collect the ticket requests from the one call center and dispatches them to us. We have maintained a proper channel to process the requests, which allows Bullseye and its client’s real time access to One Call ticket request. Our customers can easily access the system, all they need is a web browser and an internet connection. The system can be accessed from a hotel room, from home, from the airport, in the field or from any other place, at your convenience. The system allows you to see the results for the locate which includes the One Call ticket, our documentation and photos of the mark out.

    Reliability: Our One Call ticket management system promises a high level of reliability. Bullseye Ticket system is superior to several others, as it is deployed on one of the most robust architectures in the business. We assure you 100% satisfaction and desired results at the completion of the task, not only this but the redundancy, fault tolerance, alternate power, etc. are all taken care of by our operation center.

    Safety and Precaution: At Bullseye Locating we take care of all the necessary precautions and safety measures. Our skilled and experienced onsite technicians monitor the system 24/7 to identify and prevent the potential risks and problems before they cause any damage to the system and your tickets. For us, client comes first and client’s satisfaction is our paramount goal. We understand the nature and demand of our business and take the full responsibility of tickets; you can rest assured that the system will always be there at the time of need.

    Bullseye Ticket system includes the following features:

    • Real time Reception and monitoring of the tickets sent from the One Call Center
    • Automatic Positive Response to the excavator via fax and or Email
    • Web based utility for clients to check the status of tickets
    • Auto-assignment of tickets to locators based on geography
    • Complete chronological audit trail for all events associated with the ticket
    • Distribution of tickets to field via email, fax, pager, handheld device
    • IVR and wireless handheld modules for real-time completion of tickets from the field
    • Accurate and detailed billing reports
    • Map and Utility print integration

    2. Dig Safe Ticket Screening

    Bullseye Locating utilizes an advanced ticket management system. Our services can take all the problems out of managing, tracking and dispatching tickets. At Bullseye, we always strive to go beyond the traditional practices and carry out all the task with extra precision, therefore we incorporate your underground system into ours. This practice allows us to accurately screen out clear tickets round the clock throughout the year. This smart practice enables us to dispatch only the sites that require a physical tech onsite. Not to mention, this practice helps us to cut a lot of costs. Bullseye has highly skilled and experienced locators on board, who ensure that the actual location of your underground plant is 100% known in relevance to the dig location.

    Documentation: At this stage, our locators collect and compile all the documented prints/plans and overlay them into our mapping system. Whenever required, we take the responsibility to reevaluate all the questionable location. The advanced mapping technology not only allows us to receive dig request but also helps us to determine actual dig location. In case the dig location is not made clear on the Dig Safe Ticket, our technician will call the contractor to confirm the actual dig location.

    Once the dig location is determined, our technician compares the location with the documented information. At this point, our technicians identify whether or not the area is clear of conflict or needs to be dispatched for a locate. We follow the practice for all the tickets we receive from one call system. At Bullseye, we adjust ourselves as per our client’s needs, and we always do our utmost to deliver what client is expecting from our service.

    3. Damage Investigations

    In the event of an unforeseen damage to the facility, Bullseye takes quick action to communicate the entire scenario to its client. Bullseye responds as quickly as possible to collect all the relevant information. We act diligently for the documentation as we understand how critical it is to protect you in the event of utility damage. Our system collects all the information instantly and makes it available to the client in real time. The system allows us to respond immediately to control and repairs the damage as quickly as possible which keep your customers up and running. At Bullseye locating, we respond to the damage and take the full responsibility for the damage investigation and prepare an investigation form which includes the following:

    • 1. The time damage occurred.
    • 2. The time the damage was reported.
    • 3. The location of the damage.
    • 4. If available, the ticket number for that location.
    • 5. Any known circumstances surrounding the damage.
    • 6. The identity of the excavator, or party causing damage.
    • 7. The identity of the locator reporting the damage.
    • 8. Photos/video of the damage site.

    4. Auditing Service

    At Bullseye, we believe that only a quality audit can protect the assets, financial integrity and market reputation of your company, not just this but we also make sure that the locators are taking all the necessary steps while performing the locates. We take a process-centered approach for the auditing to ensure the best possible quality of work for the benefit of your organization. At Bullseye, we leave no stone unturned to achieve the desired end results. Therefore we focus on the quality control and quality assurance to enhance and improve the work quality. We take care of this aspect right from the beginning of the project.

    Standby Service

    At Bullseye Locating, we understand the nature of our business and also the probability of mistakes which is quite reasonable. We realize that no one is perfect and there can be chances of any unforeseen conditions. Despite all the expertise and professional experience, you can never be assured about the potential problems and mistakes. Let’s face it, excavators can make mistakes even if your facility is marked and they are aware of its presence.

    In a highly competitive market, you can lose the customer instantly due to untimely outages. Our standby service has been designed to deal with these kind of situations. It’s a proactive solution to prevent the damages, and we usually offer this service to those clients whose underground plant cannot be damaged. This service can be utilized on all dig areas where it has been determined that your underground plant is in direct conflict with excavation or you may choose only to have this done around critical areas. This service protects you when no one is watching; it also promotes your company and its utility service to excavating companies in the area.

    bullseye underground utility locating is a national utility locating company with offices all across the country that are ready and able to serve utility companies.

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