Bullseye Underground Utility Locating provides a one-stop solution for utility providers, private companies, contractors as well as homeowners. At Bullseye, our skilled technicians utilize high-tech digital radio frequency locators to locate underground utilities such as water, sewer, telecommunication, CATV, electric and gas.

Simply put, a private locate is when someone comes to your property and marks (with paint or flags) the location of underground utilities. Not to mention, public utility companies only locate the facilities they own. This is why you need a private utility locating company who can mark and locate all the other utilities owned by the private owners. Therefore, are legally obligated to call your local One-Call center before you plan to dig, excavate or embark on a construction. It’s a rule that have been set by the legal bodies. Bullseye Utility Locating is a private utility company which specializes in locating, marking and mapping utility lines that are not covered by 811 Call Before You Dig process.

Commercial locating is underground locating on private commercial land, such as hospitals, airports, campuses, utilities, contractors, etc., whereas residential locating is underground locating on private homeowner property. Private utilities may include electricity lines, telephone and cable TV lines, propane lines to buried tanks, water supply lines, septic lines, tanks, piping and leach fields for sewer service.

Currently Bullseye Utility Locating is providing private locate services for the greater Boston areas of Massachusetts and all of New England.

When requesting a private locate, you are obligated to provide us with the information that is mentioned below:

• Name of Company
• Name of Contractor doing the work
• Contact Name
• Phone number
• Address of locate
• Cross Street
• What is to be located
• Scope of locate (front, back, side, etc.)
• Purpose of locate
• When you plan to dig
• One-Call request (Optional)

All states require, before anyone digs, a locate request to be called into the local One-Call Center. Bullseye Utility Locating promotes public safety and facility. This is the reason that we ask for a One-Call ticket number before taking a private locate request.

One call center or Dig-Safe is a non-profit organization within a state that provides a way for contractors and homeowners to call in an underground locate request before they dig. By law, all sorts of utilities must be located before starting any kind of digging or excavation project. Contacting One-Call center is a necessary step before you start digging. This is why it is obligatory for contractors as wells as homeowners to call in an underground locate request before they dig. All states are required to be notified at least 2 days before the digging. Otherwise the company or person would be liable for the damage or any other outages caused by digging without locate request.

The work will be scheduled to be completed within 72 hours after request excluding the holiday, weekend, extreme weather conditions or any other unforeseen situation. We do our utmost to complete the task at the customer’s desired response time (if the appointment date and time is available). Once our team is on site, they finish their job before leaving in most cases.

Bullseye Utility Locating strives to quickly respond to all the requests. With a passion for delivering you the best, we provide 24 hour / 365 days a year service. For further queries call us at (800) 501-1838.

No, you do not need to be home all the time when the utility is being located. If the utility to be located originates inside the home or a located garage or cabinets, only then our locator will need the access to these secure locations, in that case, you need to be home, otherwise not.

Weather-proof but removable with water and a stiff brush.

No, There is no magic bullet for locating all underground utilities. Bullseye utility locating will attempt to locate all requested utilities at your job site. but we are limited by the technology all utilities may not be found do to the limitations of the technology please speak with us for more information.

No, Bullseye locating will not place any type of traceable wire or snake within a sewer line.If you would like to trace out a sewer line and have traceable cherial placed within the system you will need to contact a certified licensed plumber. Bullseye locating will work with them to locate the sewer line.

You can use electromagnetic locating techniques if your utilities are metallic.

You need ground penetrating radar when the utilities are nonmetallic.



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