Bullseye Locating The Underground utility protection professionals

Bullseye Locating The Underground utility protection professionals



We are: Safe, Innovative and Feasible

Bullseye Locating is a leading underground utility locating company, where our hard-working staff is committed to delivering the safe, accurate and efficient solutions. Since the commencement, Bullseye Locating has been committed to providing an array of utility locating services by using an innovative and feasible approach for their clients. We are known as a company which utilizes cutting-edge technology and easy-to-use software. Not to mention the unsurpassed customer service and competitive prices which we promise along with our services.

In the era of cut-throat competition, we have set ourselves apart from our competitors by providing high-quality services at reasonable costs. After years of persistence and prolong efforts, we have achieved an excellent repute in the market. We always focus on maximizing our performance and efficiency as well as, keeping up with the state of the art technology. Other than that, we never compromise on skill enhancement sessions and consider it as one of the most important factors behind our success. Therefore, we organize staff training seminars from time to time where our staff learns about the ever-evolving technology, current practices, and safety measures.

Bullseye Locating is the proud member of NULCA- National Utility Locating Contractors Association and M.U.S.T.- Massachusetts Utility Safety Training. Moreover, an A+ ranking at Better Business Bureau (BBB) and CGA is an endorsement of the standard that we have maintained. Bullseye Locating surpasses their counterparts by providing quality underground utility services at much lower costs as compared to what others are charging.

Bullseye utility locating is fully insured. We are also a DBE/MBE/DBE company.

We Offer: Customizable Services and Real Time Support

We strive to deliver you the personalized services, documentation access and real time live support to meet all your utility locating expectations.

Bullseye Locating offers a wide range of services required to fulfill the utility locating needs. The best part is the services we offer can be tailored to fit your particular needs, at the same time we keep the cost down. It’s our motto to provide you with exceptional services at a competitive price. Services we provide range from bronze service (which is basic ticket screening) to platinum service (which offers standby service at the time of excavation).



We Promise: Quality Service, Responsiveness and Reliability

Established in 2004, Bullseye Locating has always intended to deliver a one of a kind professional utility services to their clients. Since the conception, we have endeavored to maintain all the standards that have been set by the Dig Safe and Call Before You Dig (CBYD). Our staff has been trained to carry out all the services with utmost efficiency, at the same time our team adheres to the NULCA’s best practices and guidelines for accurate underground utility location methods.

Utility needs vary from client to client, comprehending the fact, Bullseye Locating has got almost everything for diverse utility needs. Underground Utilities are complicated beyond a layman’s understanding. There are millions of buried utilities under the ground, all of them are vital to everyday life, and you don’t want to create a mess by unintentionally hitting any of those. This is why you need the Bullseye Locating as we locate and excavate with an efficient approach and protect your underground plant from any sort of damage. Bullseye Locating has maintained proven track record in their industry. With years of consistent and up to the mark service, Bullseye Locating has managed to maintain a reputation. That’s the reason why companies and homeowners rely on Bullseye Locating without giving a second thought.

We Guarantee: Safety and Damage Control

It’s our passion to protect your underground plants, and we can help you save your precious time, money and energy by preventing the unwanted utility damage. At Bullseye Locating we strive to eliminate the damages, customer outages and injuries. We believe that damage protection should be the prime responsibility of everyone involved in the process. From the Dig Safe/ One Call Center to the completion, everyone involved in the process must comply with the rules and regulations that have been implemented for the protection of vital utilities. We follow the industry standards and conduct tasks in a proper sequence and make sure that each task is being completed with due attention and accuracy.


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We Assure: Flexibility and Work Efficiency

At Bullseye Locating we conduct each and every with a flexible approach. At the same time, we make sure that the expenses don’t get out of hands and everything is within your budget. For our client’s convenience, we offer various price rates from hourly rates, per tickets rates to flat-rate project billing. Our competitors tend to push their clients into their system, on the contrary, we do our utmost to mold ourselves as per the client’s system or needs.

We are: Fully Insured

At Bullseye Locating we do not believe in charging our customer if we did not complete the job the way they expected from us. We go all out for customer satisfaction, therefore we assure a 100% money back guarantee on any work that is performed incorrectly or below expectation.

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BBB Accredited since 2011 for 8 years of continuous Accreditation

BBB Accredited: Thursday, February 28, 2019
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